In the musical Rent, there happens to be one song that goes almost to painstaking lengths to measure a year. Measuring how one full trip around the sun goes is different for everybody.

For me, an entire year is an album (both photographic and musical, really) that combines as much…

“The old songs can’t come to the phone right now — why? Oh, because the year is dead…”

It’s that time of year again. Can you believe it? Another year gone, and this one had it all. Well, almost. Trump actually got sworn in, a guy tried to pass Chuck…

By Greg Cameron

2016 was a weird and wonderful year for the music industry. In no other year than this one, could you find such a bountiful variety of music from so many different genres.

On this list you will not find any songs by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Drake, Kanye…

Greg Cameron

2002 Massachusetts State Geography Also-Ran, Current Marketing Content Guy, former writer from lots of different places.

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